Technology & Enterprise Architecture

I consider myself to be foremost a technologist, but not an advocate of technology for the sake of it, but the application of technology to solve genuine problems.  The centre of my technical skill set is around Integration and development technologies both on-premises and cloud-primarily using open source,  Oracle and Red Hat technologies.

The application of Technology in my professional life is informed by the use of architectural practices – such perspectives help to ensure that particularly on large transformational initiatives you can trace the business needs and decisions through to specific technical decisions.  This isn’t documentation for the sake of it, but enough to communicate well thought out strategies, to enable effective communication and continuity of understanding within an organisation – SMEs are important, but a dependence on a single individual is both unhealthy for that individual, but also the organisation.

I believe there is value in knowledge, but that value is only realized when you enable others by sharing it. This leads me elegantly to why I have (co)authored several books, written articles for journals, blogged, and presented.

Getting out and presenting is a great way not only to share, but also to learn. The more situations you discover, the more ideas can be adapted to be reusable, and therefore worth sharing. I am active with the UK Oracle User Group – working as the Dev & Middleware stream lead, helping in a variety of different ways from planning events, sourcing submissions to reviewing articles for the journal.  

With this emphasis on enabling others with an Oracle focus, has lead to being recognized as an Oracle Ace Director.

I’ve been fortunate to work for a variety of organisations, global IT consumer / customers, System Integrator (SI) / consultancies – both niche and large, independent Software Vendors, and technology manufacturing. This has meant I’ve gained a broad and diverse set of perspectives.

My professional profile can be found at http://linkedin.mp3monster.org

TOGAF 9 Certified

Personal View

When not engrossed in technology then my life is dominated by two things – my family and music.  My love of photography, cycling & motorsport also gets the occasional look-in. So my blog, twitter stream etc get peppered with the bits and pieces from these passions.



Where Did MP3Monster Come From?

It’s origins started as a joke in the late 90s. A friend introduced me to MP3s (still fairly new at the time) and thought his double-digit MB collection was substantial and warranted bragging rights (back then we measured disk sizes in 100s MB and compressing at 128bit meant albums didn’t use up too much space so a CDR could hold at least a dozen albums.

Even in those days I had a large music collection and proceeded to rip a lot of it to MP3 so that I could then take good chunks of my collection with me to work or when I traveled.  As the ripping progressed and I started buying CDRs in bulk, the collection was more than once described as ‘monstrous’ in size, which became MP3 Monster.

Last bit, came from the fact that the monster bit and the fact I was for while just ripping non-stop conjured the image of the cookie monster from Sesame Street. But CDs instead of cookies. That lead to the adapted logo.

The Cookie Monster inspired logo
MP3Monster & Animal in the study with a fraction of the collection


My current CV can be found here.

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