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Everything As CodeIaaS and how it is changing the software landscape2018Oracle Scene (UKOUG)Article

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Implementing Oracle API Platform Cloud Service

ISBN: 1788473442

1st book on Oracle API.  Guiding the read through the design decisions needed for deploying API platform through to implementing API solutions May 2018 Packt Co-author
Implementing Oracle API Platform Cloud Service

ISBN: 9781786460721

1st book on Oracle iPaaS.  Guiding the reader through not only how to use the platform; but when to use the different capabilities Jan 2017 Packt Co-author
JBoss jBPM

ISBN: 978-1847192363

Guide on Using JBoss jBPM 3 incuding how to use SeeWhy’s product to provide Business Activity Monitoring July 2007 Packt Key contributions to sections on SeeWhy
Why Use Oracle Enterprise Architecture (Article) Article on the value proposition of using Oracle’s Enterprise Architecture framework Winter 2016 Oracle Scene (UKOUG) Article
Journey to the Cloud (Article) Article on the considerations being applied when looking to adopt cloud solutions Winter 2015 OAUG Article
New Kid on the Block (Article) A look at Oracle’s iPaaS offerings, particularly how ICS fits into the offerings Autumn 2016 (Issue 61) Oracle Scene (UKOUG) Article
Journey to the Cloud (Article) Updated and slightly more technical look at cloud considerations Winter 2016 (Issue 62) Oracle Scene (UKOUG) Article
Capgemini Expert Connect Capgemini’s leading experts have their own blogs. March 2017 Onwards Capgemini Blog Article
Oracle Integration Cloud Blog on Oracle integration Cloud Service 2016 Blog Co-author
Is it hAPI Hour? (Article) A look at the evolution of APIs and the Oracle API Platform Winter 2017 (Issue 62) Oracle Scene (UKOUG) Article
Introduction to Oracle Messaging Cloud (Article) A look at Oracle Messaging Cloud across Editions 6 & 7 2017 (Issues 6 & 7) Oraworld Article
Registries: Use Cases for API Management and Microservices (Article) Explores the relationship between API Management and Registries 2017 Oracle Tech Network Article
Oracle Messaging Cloud (Article) A look at Oracle Messaging Cloud 2017 Oracle Tech Network Article
API Driven Architecture with Swagger and API Blueprint A look at architecture and design of APIs through the use of several API notations 2019 Packt / OReilly Live Training

Prepublication Technical/Peer Reviewer

Title Description Publication Date Publisher
Java EE Development with Eclipse

ISBN: 978-1782160960

Using Eclipse to do Java Enterprise Edition development Dec 2012 Packt
Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook

ISBN: 978-1847192363

Patterns and approaches to solving common integration requirements using Apache Camel for July 2007 Packt
Java EE Development with Netbeans (Video) Video tutorial on how to use Netbeans for Java EE development. July 2013 Packt
Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform

ISBN: 978-1782170563

Use Oracle middleware – primarily Oracle Service Bus. Aug 2014 Packt
Next Generation SOA

ISBN: 978-0133859041

A brief revised view of SOA, its application and value proposition. Oct 2014 Erl / Prentice Hall
Mastering Apache Camel

ISBN: 978-1782173151

Guide on using Apache Camel both with its Java syntax and XML based domain language notation. June 2015 Packt
Cloud Computing Design Patterns

ISBN: 978-0133858563

Broad set of enterprise patterns for cloud solutions. The patterns are fairly high level, following the conventions of other books in the Erl Technology Series August 2015 Erl / Prentice Hall
Java EE Development with Eclipse 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1785285349

Update of the 1st edition looking the new and revised EE standards and how to use eclipse. September 2015 Packt
Enterprise API Management 1st Edition of Enterprise API Management by Luis Weir July 2019 Packt

In addition to this Phil, contributes to:

  • Oracle Community Site including OTN
  • Referenced on a number of articles in Oracle Magazine
  • UKOUG & OTN Podcasts
  • Presented at a range of global events including:
    • Gartner AADI
    • Oracle Open World
    • Customer Advisory Boards
    • Partner conferences to User Groups
    • Developer events such as JAX London
  • Co-Organizer of a London Developer Meetup

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