Presenting Activities

In summary various events I’ve presented at include:

  • JAX London
  • Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe
  • Tech Italia
  • JBoss World
  • Red Hat UK events
  • Gartner AADI London
  • Various Oracle User Group Conferences
  • Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco

In addition, I co-host the London Oracle Developer Meet-up

In Detail (Past & Future Events)

21/06/23CNCF Malaga Virtual meetup
23-26/05/23Bucharest Tech Week
23-24/05/23DevOps Pro Europe (my session)
21/02/23DeveloperWeek 2023
09/11/22Cloud Lunch & Learn
03-06/10/22JAX London
22/06/22DevOps Con
03/06/22SPOUG Conference
24/05/22DevOps Pro Europe
28/04/22Conf42 – Cloud Native
28/04/22Developer Week Europe
05/04/22API Conference – Hybrid Edition
25/01/22Oracle (PaaS Community)
03/12/21Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour
29/11/21UKOUG Conference
18/11/21DOAG (Deutsche ORACLE Anwedner Gruppe)
16/11/21Oracle, Flexagon and Heathrow Airport
16/11/21DOAG (Deutsche ORACLE Anwedner Gruppe)
26/10/21API World 2021
15/10/21Oracle EMEA Groundbreakers Tour Hosted by HROUG
15/09/21DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud
19/08/21WorldFestival Dev Innovation Summit
07/07/21Cloud Native London
29/04/21Conf42 – Cloud Native 2021
27/04/21DeveloperWeek Europe 2021
10/03/21Blueprint LDN – aspects of API design
19/11/20How Fluentd Fits into the Modern Software Landscape
28/10/20Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe 2020 – Being Fluend with Logs
28/10/20Oracle Groundbreakers APAC Virtual Tour 2020
21/10/20Meet The Oracle Masters
20/10/20SPOUG – Love your logs to get to (Dev)Ops Nirvana
13/10/20API Con & Serverless Architecture Con 2020
19/08/20Oracle Groundbreakers Latin America Tour
14/07/20Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra
– What Makes a Good API?
15/07/20Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra
– REST, gRPC, GraphQL What API Tech Should I be Using?
09/07/20Love your logging with podcast
21/06/20Camp Cloud Native
17/06/20Aces @ Home Episode 3
16/04/20TechItalia TuscanyMeetup
04/12/19UKOUG Tech Fest
02/12/19UKOUG Tech Fest
16/12/19London Oracle Developer Meetup – Drones in conversation
09/09/19London Oracle Developer Meetup – How Fluentd (from CNCF) supports end to end monitoring
02/07/19Southern Tech Summit
04/19Oracle PaaS Forum
– Drones with APIS (keynote contribution)
04/19Oracle PaaS Forum
– Developer Meetups The Ace Way
28/01/19Midlands Tech Summit
17/09/18Oracle Developer Meetup – Drones with APIs We Have Take Off
04/12/18UKOUG Tech 18 Conference – Apiary & API Platform a Developer’s Perspective
04/12/18UKOUG Tech 18 Conference – Secrets of Custom Groovy & Java Policy Development for the API Platform
03/12/18UKOUG Tech 18 Conference – Microservices in a Monolith World
03/08/18London Oracle Developer Meetup – Drones with APIs
30/05/18Oracle Code London – Microservices in a Monolith World
12/03/18Oracle Partner Conference Budapest
Digization of  Retail Recruitment
20/04/17Oracle Code London
API Management and Microservices, a Match Made in Heaven
28/09/17Oracle – London
API Management – On-Premises and IaaS
01/10/17Oracle Open World – San Francisco
Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Implementation Best Practices/Lessons Learned – CON1573
01/10/17Oracle Open World – San Francisco
Oracle Integration Cloud Service Best Practices from the Field – CON1681
01/10/17UK Oracle user Group – Tech 17 Conference
Messaging Cloud – Oracle’s Hidden Jem
01/10/17UK Oracle user Group – Tech 17 Conference
Oracle Integration Cloud – Multiple Presentations
01/10/17UK Oracle user Group – Tech 17 Conference
Microservices with WLS ?

See me inaction …

Presenting in action, a couple of examples of me involved in presenting and conferences ….

Podcasts etc

Podcast Title
14/09/22Stop polling, Lets go Streaming
06/05/22Logging in Action with Coding Over Cocktails
19/01/21Adventures in DevOps – talking about monitoring and logging
09/07/20Loving Your Logs with
17/04/19On the Highway to Helidon
15/08/18Developer Evolution
18/07/18Vibrant and Growing: The Current State of API Management
16/05/18Beer & Pizza
16/08/17Podcast – Are Microservices and APIs Becoming SOA 2.0?
11/01/17Tech Books: Writing and Reading