Recommended Tech Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to gem up on technology, particularly hear from those thought leaders that you like.

My personal experience with Tech podcasts is that they can be variable in quality with the key factors being:

  • Original audio quality can really impact. Low-quality VOIP recordings can be a real problem as the compression of voice etc can effectively a lot of the vocal nuances of a conversation. As a result, the podcast can become rather tiring to listen to.
  • Presenter’s engagement and tonality – the best podcasters (tech or otherwise) vary their delivery tempo and vocal tonality which helps hold your attention. Something most radio DJs all have. Unfortunately, those of us in the tech industry aren’t blessed with this skill.

I’d not suggest every podcast from these sources be listened to – but they’re worth tracking and listening to the content of interest to you.

Tech posts I’d recommend checking in on (note many of the podcasts may be available through different websites – so you might want to find the suggested podcast through the most suitable tool/site for you):

Podcast Name / LinkWhy Listen / Comments
Software Engineering DailySome similarities to SE Radio.
Software Engineering RadioDon’t confuse it with Software Engineering Daily. This is sometimes referred to as SE Radio
Coding Over CocktailsRelatively new podcast, but have had some well-respected names from Sam Newman, and James Higginbotham through to Kin Lane.
ThoughtworksThe organization that employs thought leaders like Martin Fowler, and Neal Ford (although these guys aren’t often involved)
InfoQPart of the InfoQ family of blogs, news, presentations, and conferences. Strong coverage of the open-source community. Very broad coverage from AI/ML through to development, architecture, and even culture and organization in the IT industry.
The CloudcastCloud-associated technologies.
Oracle PodcastsYes, okay I work for Oracle. But there is still good content. Cloud Cafe is most recommended here.
Duke’s CornerAll stuff Java now. But used to be the Groundbreakers and OTN podcast. Some great general tech content. is an Amazon like etailer with a strong presence in Europe. These podcasts reflect some of the insights from their engineering team and guest presenters.
Adventures in DevOps