Fluentd, Unified Logging With

Unified Logging with Fluentd

This book looks at the open-source implementation of Fluentd and to an extent Fluent Bit.  As a result, the book will cover the Treasure Data version and will help with various applications of Fluentd (for example Oracle Cloud Logging).

Given that Log management is only as effective as the quality of log information, the book includes chapters on common logging frameworks and best practise for producing log entries.

The book can be purchased from Manning

The book is supported with sample configurations, exercises available at https://github.com/mp3monster/UnifiedLoggingWithFluentd

In addition to the samples and exercise content, to help test Fluentd configurations properly, we’ve produced a Log Simulator which allows us to play into different log forms and over different protocols log events. Allowing for source configurations to be effectively tested.  This tool is available at https://github.com/mp3monster/LogGenerator