Useful Tech Resources


This page exists to share resources we’ve encountered that may prove useful to others (including those starting out in their IT careers that I work with) and in some cases a shortcut for me to return to resources.

  1. Intro
  2. General Resources
  3. GIT
  4. API
  5. Oracle Cloud
  6. Development
  7. Dev Tools
  8. Development Thought Leaders
  9. Development Language Resources
  10. Paradigms, Principles & Architectural Philosophy
  11. Patterns & Integration
  12. UI/UX
  13. Softskills
  14. Publisher Free Content
  15. Security
  16. Call for Papers
  17. Sources of General Tech Insights

General Resources

The following is a list of general resources that prove to be useful and cover many different domains:


NameDescription / Explanation
GIT free bookFree comprehensive book from APress on GIT
Git Cheat SheetQuick reference
GitHub searchAn explanation has to how to construct searches that will look inside of the code and across multiple modules. For example org:oracle-devrel extension:tf in:file template_file Search for references to template_file in all files with the terraform extension for the Oracle devrel repositories.
OpenGitOpsCNCF governed project to define best practises and tools to support the idea of GitOps
All things GIT related


NameDescription / Explanation
Nordic APIsFree comprehensive book from APress on GIT
API EvangelistQuick reference
Open API Spec visualization toolExcellent visualization tool for the Open API Specifications from API Handyman
API HandymanIn addition to a great tool, blog and links to API Handyman‘s book published through Manning
OWASPOpen Web Application Security Project. Initiative for providing guidance on web and web application security targetted to the developer community. Most valuable assets include the Top 10 vulnerabilities information and the Zap test tool. The top 10s cover both apps and APIs
ApiaryAPI design and mocking portal. Two versions, one is free for all and the other costs and provides a range of features. Apiary supports Open API Specification (OAS) and API Blueprint although Oracle who owns Apiary are focussing on the more dominant OAS
Swagger HubThis is the apps and service side of the organization that lead to the Swagger API specification which became OAS v2. IMHO the tooling is not as usable as Apiary
API Friends
API AcademyExcellent information resources including online training resources.
API ToolsCatalogue of API tools and there compatibility to different versions of the standards.
All things API related

Oracle Cloud

NameDescription / Explanation
Oracle Integration CloudLinked to the book for Packt and tracks all the new community content on the use of OIC
OCI Architecture Best PracticesOracle recommends a set of best practices to design and operate cloud topologies that deliver the maximum business value.
PaaS CommunityOracle PaaS community website supported by Jürgen Kress – Oracle Product Management. Primarily focussed on OIC, Visual Builder, and Digital Assistant
Developer CommunityDevelopment-based resources focus on languages rather than the native platform.
Architecture CenterPrebuilt OCI Terraform solutions, guidance, best practices, etc.
Tutorials, Labs etc
Oracle A-TeamOracle ‘gurus’ sharing tricks insights, accelerators, etc
OraWorldMagazine linked to DOAG (user group) (A journal that I have written for)
Red Thunder BlogOracle team based in Australia and New Zealand publishing good articles around Oracle tech such as integration AI/ML
Tech Trantor
AMIS Oracle BlogHome of an Oracle partner with a very active blogging team sharing lots of useful tech insights.
Oracle Groundbreakers (unofficial)Collection of blog contributions from Oracle Groundbreakers (Oracle Aces specializing in OCI cloud-native development – this may change name of tail off as the Groundbreakers name is going to become defunct)
Todd Sharppart of the developer relations organization within Oracle.
Foggy KitchenSite contributed to by Luke Martin Feldman (aka Martin Linxfeld) – Oracle Terraform guru
Oracle Terraform Provider docTerraform provider documentation
tfenvTerraform Environment switching utility. allows you to swap versions of Terraform etc.
Terraform development patternsA viewpoint on Terraform development patterns. Useful as it illustrates a journey for maturing the way Terraform is managed. It is a presentation rather than a repository of patterns.
All things Oracle Cloud related


NameDescription / Explanation
CNCFCloud Native Computing Foundation – home of many of the leading cloud-related open source projects from K8s onwards
CI/CD FoundationAnother child organization of the Linux Foundation (like CNCF) but covering technologies supporting continuous integration and delivery.
Container Journal
Chris Richardson’s Micerservices.ioExceptional book covering many design patterns for Microservice style development.
ThoughtWorks Tech Insights
Confluent (Kafka)see below
DZone (Ref Cardz)Articles on tech use. Most valuable are the RefCards which are great reminders of utilities/language syntaxes etc
DevOps-ResearchReports on the adoption of DevOps, performance measurement, etc such as DORA. More on DORA here.
Catalog of free programming language ebooksCatalog of free programming books. The books can vary in detail, quality and age. But the breadth makes it worthwhile checking out
All things Development related

Dev Tools

NameDescription / Explanation
Everything cURLReference for using the CURL CLI tool
Confluent (Kafka)see below
Kubectl QuickRefTwo-page quick ref to the core kubectl commands
VS CodeLight weight polyglot IDE
GitKrakenExcellent GIT tool
JenkinsJenkins Pipeline best practices etc
All things Development related

Development Thought Leaders

NameDescription / Explanation
Chris Richardson’s Micerservices.ioExceptional book covering many design patterns for Microservice style development.
Neal FordAnother thought leader with connections to ThoughtWorks. Focus on more architectural aspects.
Sam Newman
Martin FowlerLeading thinker around modern development techniques including microservices. Name used on a series of very good Prentice Hall books covering a range of topics such as service design. Technical leader at ThoughtWorks.
Kin LaneAPI Evangelist
All things Development related

Development Language Resources

NameDescription / Explanation
You don’t know JS yetguide to Java Script
Python Language ReferenceThe definitive Language reference.
W3C SchoolsExcellent quick reference resources to multiple languages including JavaScript and Python. Ideal for helping youngsters get coding as well.
GroovyScripting version of Java with convenience libraries to make things even easier to use.
Node JSOfficial node documentation e.g., use of import and export declarations tutorial-centric content
PL/SQL Dev StdsDevelopment standards for PL/SQL
All things Coding related

Paradigms, Principles & Architectural Philosophy

NameDescription / Explanation
12 Factor AppSet of development and design principles for modern app development
Agile ManifestoSimple set of positioning statements that define Agile.
TOGAFThe most dominant architectural framework. Large and complex with additions to fit with Agile and other influencing ways of working.
All things Architecture & Principles

Patterns & Integration

NameDescription / Explanation
Enterprise Integration Patterns (Gregor Hohpe)Reference information showing the Integration Patterns detailed in the definitive bible Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf
Thomas Erl (Arcitura)Thomas Erl is the lead author of a set of excellent reference patterns books covering SOA, cloud, security, etc
Confluent/Kafkaconfluent is the company behind the development of Apache Kafka and the commercially supported version.
Microservices.ioChris Richardson’s summary of his Microservice Patterns book
Martin Fowler’s Enterprise Application ArchitectureMartin Fowler’s Further Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
Gang of FourFamous Gang of Four Design patterns etc. It can also be found on Wikipedia
Microsoft’s Architecture ResourcesMicrosoft’s architecture resources, whilst referencing Azure, the majority of the content applies anywhere
J2EE PatternsClassic J2EE patterns
Service Design PatternsService Design Patterns by Robert Daigneau, with Ian Robinson (part of the Martin Fowler Signature Series)
Hybrid & MultiCloud PatternsPatterns include handling Hybrid use cases
All things Integration related


NameDescription / Explanation source of both training and freely available guidance documentation.
Don Normana major thought leader in usability, with excellent books on the subject. Part of the Nielsen Norman group (NNg)
Nielsen Norman Groupregular blogs on various usability techniques and best practices. Including an annual assessment of good and bad websites to illustrate recommended practices.
Alan Cooper (Designit)Leading expert on User eXperience, author of the About Face books. Very accessible UI/UX material.
All things Usability related


NameDescription / Explanation
Enterprisers ProjectA website run by RedHat, but regular leadership articles and monthly release of HBR articles.
Harvard Business Review (HBR)A lot of the content is subscription/paywall. But some content is free. Good source of thinking about organization and people skills resources.
Draft.Dev Blog
All things Soft skills related

Publisher Free Content

NameDescription / Explanation
Manningfree ebooks, the majority are an aggregation of chapters from various books
Packtfree ebook scheme releasing different titles regularly along with a core set of free titles
ApressPro GIT, InfoSec Handbook, etc
RedHat sponsored ebooksalso, RedHat sponsors Havard Biz Review articles for free in the Harvard Business Review at the EnterpriserProject site
All things Book related


NameDescription / Explanation
OWASP (Top 10)Open Web Application Security Project. Ideal developer resource on security includes Top 10 common mistakes guidance.
Center for Internet SecurityThe ideal reference for demonstrating good security compliance for deliverables covering not just software but also security processes.
SANS InstituteCentre for security thought leadership. Produces newsletter and a lot of deep security material.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)Excellent source of technical recommendations
DLAPiperLaw firm with some great free resources to help understand legal requirements around the world for things like data protection.
All things Conference related

Call for Papers

Where to register to hear for call for paper conference submissions

NameDescription / Explanation
PaperCallannouncement and news aggregation
CFP Land
Sessionizesite for submitting papers and conferences to be listed.
confs.techcfp announcements, news aggregation
Oracle Events Tracker
ClocWiseTracker for Oracle user group conferences.
All things Conference related

Sources of General Tech Insights

NameDescription / Explanation
Internet ArchiveStats and trends on technologies being used to implement the internet e.g., versions of HTTP use, etc