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I’ve not posted about the developer meetups for a little while, perhaps because with everything being virtual these days things blur together too much. But its time to put that right (at least a little). So over the last couple of month’s we’ve been fortunate enough to have a couple of Oracle’s guru’s from the A-Team covering some pretty interesting topics.

November saw Chris Peytier exploring the process management side of Integration Cloud and how process management and more traditional integration can come together to offer a very effective solution with example use cases such as the idea of when conditions are not valid for an integration to be executed Chris’ slides are here.

Then this week we had Angelo Santagata complete with Santa hat talking about Serverless as a means to enable SaaS extensions and integrations through the use of Oracle Functions (the cloud-deployed version of Project Fn). You can get the presentation here.

If the slides aren’t enough then you can catch the presentations as videos, Angelo’s is here and I’m sure we’ll see Chris’ made available as well.


I’m excited to say that we have a coyuple of presentations lined up for 2021 already so keep an eye on the London Oracle Developer Meetup. So watch out for the updates in the new year.

Beating the Registration Blues

The meetup site isn’t neatly integrated with the virtual event platform that Oracle help us with, so RSVPing within Meetup doesn’t complete the process, all it really does is tell me who has registered.

The important step is to use the registration form that is provided as part of the event description. For the registration proper, you should see a page like the image above. When you go through this page to register it will trigger an email confirming registration (unless we get some very large numbers for the event).

In this email is the link to the event. The link is likely to be a Zoom session as Oracle appear to have a deal with them to use the service as well as host them on Oracle’s cloud.


As we come to the end of another year. It seems appropriate to take a moment to express our thanks and appreciation to first and foremost those that take the time and invest the effort in preparing and presenting for us … Niall Commiskey, Martien van den Akker, Angelo Santagata, Lucas Jellema, Chris Petyier, Rolando Carrasco, Grant Ronald, Filip Huysmans, Christian McCabe, Geertjan Wielenga. I’m sure I’ve missed others, so apologies and thankyou.

Then, of course, the sponsorship from Oracle, they pay for everything and ask nothing of us. The sessions are focussed on technologies Oracle supports/provides (and you’d be surprised at how cheap or free some are) but our speakers are free to be candid about things that do and don’t work.

The funding and championing of the Meetups like this and others around Europe and further afield come from the graft put in behind the scenes by Jürgen Kress. So a big thank you for the effort and support (not to mention beer & pizza when we’ve had physical events).