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We’ve been busy putting together a number of Oracle Architecture Center assets over the last week. This has included building LogSimulator extensions that can either be run in a very simple manner using just a single file, but limited in the payloads that can be sent to OCI (if you take the appropriate custom file from the LogSimulator you do need to make one minor tweak. But the code has also been added to the Oracle GitHub repository here in a manner that doesn’t require the full tool. There of course a price to pay for the simplified implementation. This comes in the form of the notifications being sent and received being hardwired into the code rather than driven through the insulator’s configuration options.

The decoupling has been done by implementing the interface for the custom methods in a class without the implements declaration, and then we extend the base class and apply the implements declaration at that level.

While notifications could take log events, it is more suited to JSON payloads. But as the simulator can tailor the content being sent using some formatting, it does not care if the provided events to send are pre-formatted as JSON objects making it an easy tool to test the configuration of OCI Notifications.

Unit testing as well

In addition to the new channel, as previously mentioned we have been making some code improvements. To support that we have started to add unit tests, and double checking code will compile under Java. To keep the dependencies down we’re making use of Java assert statements rather than a pretty JUnit. But the implementation ideas are very similar. As the tests use Java asserts the use of asserts does need to be enabled in the command line; for example:

Groovy test.groovy -enableasserts