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With the impact of Covid19 on the Meetup community really hitting, the Oracle Developer Meetups across Europe have got together and gone on-line. We’re several events in now, whilst Lucas Jellema (AMIS) and Rolando Carrasco (SPS) are leading the charge with a great series of sessions focusing Oracle Cloud Native services complete with practical labs.

Today was one of my sessions, whilst I only co-hosted, we got to hear a great presentation with a heart warming story which in this challenging times seems all the more appropriate. Christian McCabe (Steltix) and Filip Huysmans (Contribute) presented on how a multinational hackerthon spanning South Africa to Belgium was put together to only help children of Christel House (a charity who work to provide education to those who would not normally get access to it). Not only was the hackerthon engineered to given the students a chance to learn and experience software development in a pretty realistic context, it also provided the school with some software to help their everyday activities, in this case managing books in their library.

The hackerthon yielded a lot of successful outcomes (Steltix wrote about it here), but, what was really interesting is that whilst working with the school, children and interns (from both Steltix and Contribute) took a lot lessons away as well.

The Meetup recording can be found here.

Finally we should thank Geertjan Wielenga who facilitated and supported the development of the hackerthon.

If you want to know more about the virtual meetups then check our meetup page (https://www.meetup.com/Oracle-Developer-Meetup-London) for both virtual events, and when things change so we can all be a lot closer and be sharing pizza again.