The Corona Virus pandemic has had some very odd impacts to the usual technology conferences. We all know that a great number of events have moved from physical to virtual. From a presenter’s perspective has meant the opportunity to present to communities we would normally be less likely submit papers for. For example, the All India Oracle User Group Yatra conference is a significant event in the Oracle Ace/ Groundbreakers calendar – where I have had two papers accepted.

For me to present there, is a challenge as it requires that I lose a week of fee earning time (once you account for the travel). But since the event has gone virtual, I’ve been able to submit a paper, which has been selected …

In addition, the recently postponed Camp Cloud Native which has been lead from the US, has been rescheduled because of the events triggered by the death of George Floyd. As the event is virtual, it wasn’t difficult for the organizers to do the right thing.

With meetups going virtual participating in European events is a lot easier, for example contributing to Aces@Home Episode 3 …

Whilst presenting virtually is the current norm, we are still seeing calls for papers for physical events for October/November this year. It creates a bit of a dilemma. Will it be safe enough to travel? will my family feel comfortable with me travelling (even today we’re hearing news of a serious new outbreak in Beijing)?, will I have to isolate at either end of the journey? Difficult, because I don’t want to submit a paper, and then withdraw at the last minute if circumstances look less secure. Having been involved in user group conference planning, whilst last minute changes will always happen, they can be difficult to cover, so would prefer not to put people in that position.

Whilst I’m not an extrovert by nature, being physically present at a conference, has its plusses – the opportunity to network/meet other Aces to catchup.

So until the physical conference again, be online, be distant, and be safe.