The greatest hits album has found its way into the record shops – the album contains:

1. Insomnia
2. Mass Destruction
3. God Is A DJ
4. Don’t Leave
5. Muhammed Ali
6. We Come On
7. Reverence
8. Salva Mea
9. One Step Too Far
10. Bring My Family Back
11. Miss You Less, See You More
12. Tarantula
13. Fatty Boo
14. I Want More

So it would appear that we have one new track in the form of Fatty Boo, and the rest are album cuts that have been released as singles. The tragic thing is Faithless have been innovative (although annoying) by re-releasing the albums with remix disks with some wonderful versions of their songs – non of which appear here. And what of their additional songs contributed to soundtracks such as Woozy for The Beach (it was a toss up between Woozy and Unkle’s contribution for the best track on the album). Then there is the Late Night Sessions and several other mixes.

This is not to say that this isn’t a great set of songs, it simply an unoriginal choice, if you have all the albums so far, then I’d suggest thinking hard before buying, you’d be better off paying for a ticket and seeing them live – great gigs despite Maxi Jazz’ voice suffers a bit on the road; that or a live bootleg if you can find one. But for those who just like the hits, or want to get to know Faithless better, then this is a great starting point.

The question is, come the autumn will we be seeing a double album version with the second disc containing remixes? Something that may well be a lot more interesting, particularly if Sister Bliss and Rollo decide to do some new ones!