10 Minute Review

Album CoverThe ever changing Elvis Costello is back again with Delivery Man having completed another classical piece this year and contributing to Mrs Costello’s latest(better known as Diana Krall) with a new album backed with the majority of the Attractions.

Time to rush out to your favourite CD shop, quickly click your way to that cheap online site you’ve found, or simply Amazon cause you they’ll have it listed?

Well the opening track suggests we’re in for something more punk/new wave than Elvis’ hayday; and hey whats the piano motif in the background that keep cropping – damn I know that but where from? Then onto something could have come from his North album (polished nudging towards something Jazz like). Then we’re off to something thats somewhere between Country and Costello’s New Wave roots. This pretty much how the album goes all the way through swinging between Country/Americana and Lounge Jazz with varying degrees of new wave infusions. As usual Costello’s song writing is strong distinctive (and you’d expect nothing less of him).

Do I like it, would I recommend it, on the first listen or two I personally am finding the strong shifting styles a little unsettling, just as I settle into the groove we’re off again. But it is growing on me, the title track, Monkey Man and Nothing Clings Like Ivy are certainly hittin home (with the lovely Emmylou Harris). I’m more than likely to be saying to be saying its a corker in a week or two, but try not not listen to it with any particular expectations.