Blogging a medium to keep people informed of events etc is now well established. But off the back of this there seems to be a trend of collective blogging on a common theme. This seems to be happening where multiple people can author on a blog for example Behind The Sofa site (and, or a site which aggregates multiple blogs on a common theme for example at Sun.

The interesting thing is that podcasting like blogging uses the same basic technologies (i.e. RSS/Atom) but doesn’t appear to have developed the trend of collectives providing podcasts. This is a little surprising in many respects as podcasting requires more commitment and effort to produce, so sharing the work to keep a steady series of podcasts going seems an obvious approach. If you’re interested in exploring this idea – then please let me know.

On the subject of podcasting; in terms of music podcasts outside of the corporate entities it strikes me that the podcasts are the 21st Century equivelent to the mix tape. Both podcasts and mix tapes are usually a collection of songs that the caster considers worthy of sharing put on to a medium by which the experience can be transfered easily. With your good old mix tape you’d write down on the cassette case the track information and maybe some words as to the significance of the song – this is now simply done by recording a bit of speech or adding an blog entry to go with the cast.

The only serious difference is mix tapes take time to make multiple copies for each of your friends the time a lot more time.

The politics of the podcast against the mix tape I believe simply boil down to the fact that the RIAA/ARIA and associated can more easily track the movement of the podcast over the net where as the mix tape passing from hand to hand or through the post can’t.  The interesting thing is that the RIAA don’t appear to have really gone for podcasters in the same way as people sharing files despite the fact that both break the same laws.  Perhaps they have quietly recognised the free artist promotional effects of podcasts?  Time for some clarity of position here I think, as my speculation on the RIAA is true there is certainly a little incosistency; so what if I shared my podcast as share of mixed tracks?