Over the last 18 months or so podcasting has taken off in a big way, so much so your non-IT-literate Joe in the street will have heard of podcasts and will have a vague idea as to they are.  At the same time the talk of live feed streaming seems to be mentioned less and less. While I can’t see major radio stations like those at the BBC experiencing a large decline in demand for live streamed feeds, but I am curious to know if the small independent solutions that use shoutcast etc are seeing a drop off in usage, or is the convenience and continuous nature of these feeds the one thing that keeps them attractive over podcasts?

If the streaming casts are unaffected by the rise of the podcast, then there is an opportunity for podcast radio?  Essentially DJs put their shows together in the same manner as a podcast and then someone streams it out using shoutcast or the alike.  In the world of buzzwords should we rename online radio stations to streaming podcasts?