Ray LaMontagne - Till The sun Turns BlackI’ve been a little remiss in album reviews of late, so I here a quick look a new album.  In the UK, Ray Lamontagne’s first album has been relaunched four or five times (but the record company never seems to follow through). As a result Trouble has been out for sometime now and the multiple launches has delayed the release of his second album here in the UK, which is a shame as the sequel- Till The Sun Turns Black, seriously eclipses his debut Trouble, not that Trouble was a poor effort, far from it.


Till The Sun Turns Black sees Ray’s vocal delivery coming across a little sweeter and a little less dry than on Trouble, and the instrumentation is far richer, running from a Stax/Memphis Horns backing on a couple of tracks to a muted trumpet that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Northern England brass band, then there is the purest simplicity of a guitar and voice (Lesson Learned); then we have a simple string backing on the title track.  The overall effect is that the music carries you along without detracting from the Ray’s vocal performances.


This gets lots of thumbs up, you can purchase the album through Amazon – Till The Sun Turns Black.  To add to the joys Ray is touring the UK over the coming months – more information can be found on his website here.