Aqualung” target=”_blank”>Aqualung's Still LifeI think I’ve seen a trend that looks very unattractive in the music industry, specifically artists, particularly British ones once they start to make some head way in the States treating their British fans as second rate citizens.  Let give you an example; Aqualung got themselves going in the UK rather well, particularly with the help of some music being used in O2 adverts.  After the second album, someone, somewhere decided that they should make a real push in the USA.  I don’t have a problem with that, and after a couple of years Aqualung are back with a new album.  Well sort of, it appears that they have release dates for the USA (March 13th) – but not in the UK.


 Given that I’ve followed them pretty much every step of the way I feel abandoned. Not only that the next tour – one date in the UK before heading to the USA again.


Gomez Aqualung aren’t the only artist like this, Gomez are just another example of this; although this is a little more understandable as their musical style has roots in the southern states.


The silliest thing is, that by atleast not releasing the album globally they’re giving people an excuse to go to P2P sites and downloading the album.  After all, why should I pay two or three times the album price to get it on import and wait weeks when the same album will eventually be available at the usual price in the UK (assuming they get around to actually releasing it here at all).