Having looked at the book Software Test Automation to see if I can get some ideas on how to improve our continuous test cycles at work, I created a mind map of notes as I went which can be found here.

Software Test Automation
For an experienced Architect / Development Manager  a lot of the books content was simply an expression of what I already knew – through experience and reading over the years.  For me at least the interesting part of the book is the approaches to calculating ROI on test automation which put some underpinnings to what I had felt intuitively.  The bit I’d not really connected up in my own mind was the use of measurements (metrics) on the test automation to continue determining where to best expend effort.  The last area of more interest was the case studies of several significantly sized organisations.

My only criticism of the book, although it is never stated, there seems to be an underlying bias towards heavier project processes rather than the rising agile styles, which if anything need more of the automated (read continuous) testing techniques.

Overall, I’d say the book is pretty readable – an achievement for a subject that isn’t particularly exciting even for a techie.  For the less experienced person I’d recommend it as a read.