According to the BBC P Diddy and Snoop Dogg have canceled their UK tour at the 11th hour because Snoop has had his entry visa refused (more from BBC News).

The whole situation seems a little inconsistent to me as he had already been in trouble with the UK authorities prior to Live 8 (pictures of his UK appearance then here)  but was allowed into the country for the Live 8 concert. His checkered history with the law has been a long standing fact so why the change of heart now?

If the visa refusal is based on the existing charges in the USA, then a number of other major artists should not have been allowed into the UK. For example the late James Brown was arrested in 1988 and served six years for drugs and firearms offences, but was subsequently allowed into the UK to tour and perform. A little inconsistent to say the least.

Sadly the biggest losers in all of this are the ticket buying fans.  Not just musically (depending on you opinion of course), but they’ll be noticeably out of pocket.  With ticket prices being charged with a substantial booking fee (£5 or about $9 being common) which is never refunded when a ticket is refunded as it doesn’t form part of the face value.


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