A number of friends and colleague have recently discovered that they’re going to be parents for the first  time. Now, I’m not one for dishing out advice left right and centre, after all each parent and bambino are different.  But from our experience, there is one thing we did I’d recommend to anyone who cares to listen. That was to join the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and attend their antenatal classes. 


I’ve read mixed feedback (from a male perspective) on the value of classes going from excellent to a bit too touchy feely.  But in my mind the crucial benefit was the opportunity to develop a network of friends going through the same experience who you can talk to, share the experience and seek support from. Although from my perspective the network is more about knowing some other fathers who can chat down the pub over a beer. But for Mrs Monster it has been invaluable, getting support and social contact that I can’t give, particularly during those early weeks and months when I’m back at work and she is having to do a lot of the work (i.e. feeding every four hours).


I believe that we (Mrs Monster particularly) now have some new friends that I think we’ll be in contact with for a long time to come.



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