With Wolfgang Vault having acquired a large back catalogue of live performance recordings, posters and memorabilia with an emphasis on past classic artists such as Led Zeppelin etc it would seem that they are trying to consolidate this position further with the revival of Crawdaddy!


Crawdaddy was the first music journal started by Paul Williams. Crawddady predated the likes of Rolling Stone and Creem by several years and it helped to launch careers of music journalists such as Richard Meltzer. Crawdaddy’s creditability also attracted contributions from people ranging from John Lennon to Cameron Crowe and William Borroughs


Unfortunately Crawdaddy has had a turbulent existence with publication stopping briefly in 1969, but more notably in 1979 until Paul tried to revive it in with limited success in 1993. Paul sold the rights to the name to Wolfgang Vault but has writing credits with the first issue. Will Wolfgang Vault have any more success with Crawdaddy (even in its online only form)?


Link to Crawdaddy – The magazine of rock