I’ve been asked about places for shopping for baby stuff.  So from my experience I thought I’d highlight the stores we’ve used.

  • Mothercare – good for the basic everyday items that you’ll need (bibs, bootles etc). But when we looked at furniture was very disappointed, for example with a cot when I leaned against it as if to reach in found the side flexing – found that experience very discouraging compared at alternatives.
  • Mamas & Papas – the Next of the baby world.  That is to say above your basics – nicely made products a little pricier but not outrageous. Back to the cot experience we found that their cots are a lot more robust than Mothercare (flex test) but a lot more solid.  We also liked their prams – they appear to be pretty solid and integrate well with care seat etc.
  • JoJo Maman Babe – the trendy end of the market, they have some nice clothes – but nivce prices as well.
  • John Lewis – as a department store they seems to have a good range of stuff particularly when looking at things outside the major purchases (prams, cots).
  • Tesco – silly as it sounds for stuff like baby grows and vests – they’re priced cheaply its almost unbelievable. But the price doesn’t mean poor product. Given to start with you’re replacing the wardrobe every three months to start with these can’t go wrong. Our only complaint is that the stocking of these can be a little erratic. For a supermarket at the lower ends of the spectrum they also stock some of the better branded bay stuff such as Avent and Tommy Tippee.
  • Early Learning Centre – a good source of more developmental and educational toys. I have to admit I originally thought great an execuse to go into ToysRUs and have a play on a regular basis, but for baby and toddler toys we’ve found it rather disappointing.

Obviously these are our preferences any everyone is different.