We recently introduced a DAB radio into the house more for Mrs Monster than myself; but I’ve discovered listening to radio can be a pleasing experience (until now I’ve always got annoyed at the sound compression, and noise if there are poor atmospherics or tuning drift).


 I also happen to an iPod owner, and rather attached to the little box of magic. Until the arrival of DAB I’ve never been worried by the idea of not having radio incorporated into it, always believing that dedication to a single purpose is a good thing. But now I’d like to combine the two, rather than having to carry two larger devices which are bound to have overlapping features, I wanted something small and compact so it can travel with me and my iPod which can use the iPod’s audio capabilities.


So trawling the net I thought I’d find a raft of possibilities – but this isn’t the case!  There are radio alarm clocks that will dock your iPod and have a DAB tuner – but something small enough to travel with the iPod – nada, nothing. The best I can find is an article (Get DAB Digital Radio on your iPod) about a product due out later this year.  The picture I found of a prototype elsewhere makes it look pretty funky – and will be going on my wishlist.


If you know of anything available now though – I’d love to hear about it.


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