Crawdaddy have written a good piece, albeit scathing of the state of the music industry is in. Using the actions of Paul McCartney, now releasing music through Starbucks rather than EMI, with whom he has been since the start of the Beatles recording career as a proof (backed up by an article in New Yorker by Macca himself).


If you don’t read the article – then just take a look at this quote:

because they [Big Four record companies] care about the marketing more than they care if the act is worth a crap to begin with. As a result, they turn and blame illegal file sharing for the decline in sales, despite the fact there are now mounds of studies showing that file sharing does not hurt sales. Some, like the writer of a recent article published in the Journal of Political Economy, even find that albums being shared on peer-to-peer networks see increased sales as a result of being shared.


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