Any parent, who also happens to be a music fan is or has probably been pondering the question Graeme Thomson tussles with in the Guardian blog (Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – music: Should my kids enjoy my taste in music?) – specifically how do you educate your children in good music?


Graeme, doesn’t arrive at an answer. I did wonder if there is any credence in taking a similar approach that us brits are stereotyped as using with non in English speakers – just talking more slowly and loudly.  But a friend of mine with two youngsters seems to be having a degree of success – his wife doesn’t get a look in on what gets played on the HiFi, and he has for as long as I’ve known him tried to educate her tastes. Oh, and music is always playing so the children haven’t really had a chance or need to find anything else musically – although they haven’t yet reached their teens yet, so there is still time for it to all go wrong.