We’ve had an email today from Peter Lik’s gallery in Sydney announcing some more photos (an image one of the pictures can be seen below). Like his other work the images are just stunning, beautiful shapes and colour that can be seen in nature.  For those not in the know, Peter was born in Australia started shooting the amazing scenery down under; but has over the last few years been shooting in the South West America and has garnered a raft of awards for his work.

We first came across Peter through friends, when they came back from Australia they gave us a book of some of his work.  So when we headed to Australia, and again when stopping over on our way to New Zealand we paid visits to his gallery in Sydney (in the beautiful QvB), and been fortunate enough to be able bring back limited, signed prints of his work.


These small images don’t do any real justice to the power of the work, you have to see them in their full size (1 meter across or bigger). So if you’re in Australia or the USA we’d very highly recommend going to a gallery and seeing for yourself.