I’ve just finished reading Doug Coupland’s JPod. Its an odd book, some of the characters seem fairly plausible, albeit exaggerated, and others are just completely improbable.


Set in an IT context, Doug like Scott Adams must have spent some time in an IT office environment, in many respects the book often feels like Dilbert on acid. 


What really irked me with this is the self referencing (Doug is also a character in his own book, and also has his characters make reference his other books – self promotion in extreme?) and the strange ‘interludes’ where he has done things like include wholesale assignments that one of the book’s characters was doing which really don’t add anything to the story.


If you want a light pointless read and like things such as Dilbert and the TV series the IT crowd, then I’d recommend borrowing a copy of the book otherwise don’t pick it up.