When I first started hearing about reunions such as The Police and The Eagles I didn’t see this as a bad thing, in fact I have to admit I found the idea exciting, particularly given that all the musicians concerned are successful in their own right.  Then came the Spice Girls – and my feelings where ho, hmm, what ever floats your boat.  But recently we’ve heard of Yazoo reforming and now according to Idolator, New Kids On The Block are due to announce that they to will get back together.


This leaves me feeling that the record companies are adopting the same approach as the mid-80s when CD came out falling to the easy thing – recycling old material/artists rather than investing new artists and records.  Now they say that when times get recessionary or even plain tough retrenching can be harmful, as anyone who even invests a little will make grounds over you.  Now if this is true, then the record business (or at least the major labels) who claim that they are struggling now are on the verge of committing suicide.  Lets hope that I’m wrong.


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