The comedian Lenny Henry is on classic form with a new Radio 4 comedy called “Rudy’s Rare Records” (listen to it from the BBC here). The premise of the show is that Lenny plays a classical record shop owner in London, however when his father reportedly has a heart attack he is drawn back to Birmingham with his son to help his father Rudy, and run Rudy’s  Reggae record shop.


Lenny’s character (Adam) is almost an inversion of his late 80s Delbert Wilkins with a dose of his Chief character from the 90s comedy – completely obsessive to the point of being anal about classical music, a completely elitist thinker. At the same time his son (Richie) is very much an updated Delbert.


If the first episode is anything to go by the next four Tuesdays will be very funny after the news.


For the BBC page on the series go here and Lenny’s own site here. tags: , , ,