The RIAA are being sued by a woman who was mistakenly sued for file sharing.  The case is likely to result in the RIAA disclosing both their process model (lawyers fees, what money goes back to the artists from settlements, how organisations such as Media Sentry are paid, how settlement figures are arrived at) and how they acquire the information on which their cases are built. Given the RIAA’s apparent track record in the area of acquiring information this could look bad, if not criminal.

If the disclosure of such information does look criminal and reach the public domain then it could trigger off a class action from all those who have been on the receiving end of the RIAA’s claims.  It would be very ironic if the class action does come to court as it could end up costing the RIAA more than they have recovered in settlements.  It would validate the argument that its bad business to sue all of your customers.

What ever happens, the outcome is likely to be months away, possibly even years.  For more detail on the case see the Wired article here. tags: , , , ,