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With the big push at SeeWhy to get Version 3.4 out of the door coming to an end, I’m expecting to get time to finalise SeeWhy for JBoss jBPM – a BAM solution for JBoss jBPM (JBoss’ Business Process Management tool which is also used to provide orchestration of the JBoss SOA platform) using the SeeWhy realtime BI product. The core of this has been largely finished for some time, as we demo’d it in Orlando for JBoss World but the production quality finishing and the final piece of functionality – providing the closed loop capabilities such that SeeWhy can start new jBPM processes or get existing processes to resume had been held up.  Unfortunately trying to get a good grip on this and the threading implications hasn’t been so straight forward giving the limited amount and quality of documentation (for example javadoc for jBPM is very sparse) and example code available. Although I am very pleased with the quality of documentation that the next generation of jBPM is likely to have having seen the PVM (Process Virtual Machine) source code for its first release.


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