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The Enterprise Business IT blog/online journal have posted a number of articles and webinars looking at Complex Event Processing (CEP), Event Driven Architecture and related areas, the links are :

The EBizQ pages link to material by influential thinkers/analysts in the area such as Roy Schultze (Gartner) and one of IBM’s Lead Architect’s Opher Etzion.  If you’re looking for a basic handle on Event Processing particularly within the context of more mainstream business i.e. SOA (Service Orientated Architecture), BPM (Business Process Management), BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) issues then these links make a good starting point although although the this certainly doesn’t tell the whole story as it doesn’t address the super high volume players such as Streambase and the likes of my employer SeeWhy where we provide Event Driven BI (Business Intelligence) which has a natural affinity to BAM. However EBizQ does touch upon Event Driven BI here.


NB – I’m expressing my personal views rather than those of SeeWhy here.