A number of Universities, particularly from the US are starting to video record lectures and posting them on YouTube.  The problem is that YouTube is also the home for a lot of personal material with a limited potential viewer-ship, resulting in trying to find some interesting and educational material can be crowded out by a lot of videos of little or no interest.  However I came across Ted Talks.  The site has a great library of videos talking about a wide spread of subjects from Music Video development through to Open Source Economics and onto String Theory.  Each video is accompanied by a brief bio of the presenter, and the videos can be downloaded for example David Pogue (New York Times Tech Columnist) on the Internet Music Wars at the other end of the spectrum is a presentation by the architect Frank Gehry on his work.

Overall a fascinating site and worth having a browse through.


Jeff Skoll talking about his production company trying to make films with a view to produce films that get people to stop and think about issues such as the environment.