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I’ve been a little on the quiet side on the blogging front, as I’ve been busy with work related activities.

Firstly getting SeeWhy’s first SeeWhy for JBoss jBPM customer up and running on a platform combination we’ve not really dealt with much before namely JBoss 4.2.2 on Red Hat Linux. Taking into account the fact that the installation included setting up the environment and a jBPM source machine the install went very quickly and smoothly.

Secondly, I shall be parting company with SeeWhy in the New Year for pastures new, and green (literally) as I’ll be going to work for Specsavers as an Integration Architect. The Specsavers interview process has been an interesting experience which included, psychometrics tests, stand up presentations, and technical exams, along with the traditional face to face conversation.

So in January I’d imagine that my blogging activities will be a bit on the slow side as I’ll be pretty busy getting my feet under the desk as they say with the new job.