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When I travel, I like to hear local sounds, and have to visit a record shops to pickup some decent local tunes. In Oz they really do a good job of promoting music, and local artists in an unadulterated way. On the radio there is Triple J (funded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) who dont waste hours of time blathering on like Chris Moyles or Terry Wogan, there is chat but a lot more music without falling back to the over hyped boy and girl bands or the safest of safe choices; I mean Wolfmother got an interview during peaktime breakfast show. The musc is pretty varied within a show as well – no fear of going from Lily Allen to Nine Inch Nails to Nouvelle Vague doing an acoustic cover of the Sex Pistols God Save The Queen.

Then rather than having songs editted, cut or bleebed for language, the DJ will quickly warn of language, and let the song go.

The really surprising thing is despite the promotion of local bands, the amount of British music played is amazing, Lily Allen, The Prodigy, Coldplay and the list goes on.