I’ve blogged in the past about the demise of the record store. But I came across a little video clip on Glorious Noise trailoring a documentary on the subject:

“Re-Vinylized” trailer from John Boston on Vimeo.

When I go travelling on business, and often being on my own I have a chance to go looking for those record stores that manifest the character of Nick Hornby’s Championcip Vinyl.  rummaging through the racks looking for something different and interesting is a good way to kill some time.  so I thought I’d point out a couple those fine emporiums I’ve encountered:

Polyester Records in Melbourne – a hint of commercialisation, but a brilliant section on Oz & Kiwi artists.  More Empire Records than Championship Vinyl.

Basement Discs – good stock of vinyl, big on Folk.  Easily missed as its only a small entrance at street level – but basement is big, right in the centre of Melbourne.

Dixons Recycled Disc – several stores around Melbourne (I visited the Prahan store as I wondered down Chapel Street) stocking second hand, or better put ‘pre-loved’ music.  An aladin’scave of stuff. Yes, lots of the dross, but jems among them.

Amoeba Music – San Fransisco, a short cab ride from the city centre. But a place of pilgrimage.

Rasputin Music – heart of San Fransisco, just a minutes walk from Union Square and could be giving Amoeba a run for its money.