There are nay reasons for wanting to reverse tether my iPhone to my laptop such as:

  • whilst travelling I dont want to have to pay for my personal phone’s ridiculous roaming data rates to pickup a few emails when there is free internet access from the hotel through a wired network.
  • working in a medium size company (or even on a supplier/customer site) accessing a wireless network to then manage my laptop during a presentation just is not a practical option, meaning those nice apps for managing presentations from the phone etc can’t be used.

The answer to these problems is what is known as reverse tethering  (where tethering is getting your laptop etc to use you phone’s internet access).  to reverse tether you have to go into your laptop’s network settings and create an ad-hoc network.  Depending on your laptop this can hamper it then using a wireless network at the same time.

Now everytime I move location, I really dont want to have to go in and start unnecessarily messing around with netowkr settings.  even Microsoft have recognised this with a simplified means to connecting & disconnecting from wireless networks. So why is it that no one has created a little app that you can run creates an adhoc network for you, and then creates shortcuts for the desktop which can be used to quickly toggle the adhoc network on and off?  That way when off running a presentation you can quickly toggle the adhoc network on – use the iPhone to manage the presentation (freeing you from carrying more devices and the laptop when presenting) and then at the end – toggle the network back off (after all you dont want to be announcing your machine as a network access point unnecessarily).