We caught the Delays playing their hometown again last night with the excellent support Birdpen. Although the band appeared in their usual jovial, lively selves the gig itself just didn’t seem to carry the same energy that we’ve seen at venues like The Joiners and Southampton Guildhall which was a shame. It could be at least impart something to do with the venue, as the acoustics weren’t great – possibly because of the relatively low ceilings.

We did pickup their new live album that they band are selling at the venues and will soon be available through the website. The album is a recording of their Christmas gig last year at the Brooks another Delays regular haunt in Southampton.

It is interesting that a number of smaller artists are picking up on this activity – we saw Tom McRae earlier in the week and he has also released a couple of albums that he is selling exclusively through his website and at concerts.

Photos from both events can be seen at photos.mp3monster.org