I was browsing through this month’s hot and popular apps in iTunes store and came across Project Magazine which claims to be the 1st magazine dedicated to be published only via the iPad.

The magazine has got some creditable names working on the magazine and backed by Virgin Digital Media – so far so good. So I thought I’d download the app see if I can see any of the magazines’ writing – the electronic equivalent of leafing through the magazine on the stand before buying. Sensibly the app offers an issue preview option before buying at £1.99 (not bad when you think Esquire, FHM etc cost best part of £5 per issue).

So I thought I’d preview the latest issue, what you get is a full screen view of the current issue’s cover, something you can read and see without asking for a preview. Talk about fall down on the final hurdle. Even the web offering of the major press allow you to see some of their writing before subscribing. A key buying incentive is seeing the magazine and getting the feel of what will be like.

Perhaps Project Mag will realise this quickly and soon, otherwise they’re going to be missing sales, and probably lots of them.