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My employer is increasingly aligning its architecture team (of which I am a member) to TOGAF. As is the tradition, new year means start reviewing things like personal development plans. So I thought I’d compare my skills base against that of the TOGAF skills framework (http://pubs.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf9-doc/arch/chap52.html).   Now being a bit geeky, I wanted to do the comparison using a spreadsheet rather than print the document and scribble on it – means I can keep a tab on how things progress/change as go.  However I haven’t been able to locate a spreadsheet representation of the HTML/PDF documentation surprisingly, so I knocked one together.  Amusingly I found a couple of colour coding/level errors in the tables of version 8 of TOGAF as provided by the Open Group.

Feel free to use the spreadsheet as you see fit (TOGAF 9.1 Architecture Skills Framework Spreadsheet), obviously within the constraints of the Open Group’s terms.