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In the process of reading Susan Cain’s book Quiet I got to wondering about common traits of developers and the idea of pair programming.

Pair programming advocates the idea of 2 developers working on a single piece of code will produce better quality code with a lower big count on the basis that both developers catch each others mistakes and both will gravitate to the best ideas. To achieve this does need the subjection of egos.

Now, if the stereotype of developers being typically introverted individuals which I think holds water (certainly from my experience) then drawing from what Susan Cain has written about this development approach is going to be fatiguing and not sit easily with the personality of your average developer.

This would mean for pair programming to be effective then those involved must. Be able to bring Free Traits to bare (more in a moment). But those best able to bring such practices to effect must be truly motivated developers. Ironically I believe that those highly motivated and focused developers are the best out there. So how does this pact the value of such an. Approach?

As for Free Trait Theory this takes the view that when pursuing core values individuals can project (if not manifest) traits such as extroverted behaviour, albeit find it fatiguing.

All of this says to me is, don’t expect developers to live and breath the idea of pairing; and even expect reluctance (on the basis that not all developers see. Coding or the value of coding as a personal goal in life). But bursts of this approach may deliver value when working on a more challenging area of code or algorithm.