Having posted a number of long reviews regarding the Packt Publishing book Getting Started with Oracle Event Processing 11g here is a brief review (also posted to Amazon UK)

Although the book’s introduction says that its target audience is developers and architects the first few chapters are a very good introduction to the ideas and goals if Complex Event Processing (CEP) that would be easy to get to grips with by anyone in the IT industry, explaining the ideas and illustrating them with easy to grasp real examples.

As the chapters go on the book increasingly delves into the specifics of the Oracle solution providing illustrations of the different aspects of the product from Continuous Query Language (the heart of the CEP capability) to OSGi and how it can be used to effect easy deployment. That said, there is a lot here regarding general good practice, and provide insight into what should be expected from a good CEP platform.

Unlike a number of Packt books I’ve seen, this doesn’t simply take a step by step, screen by screen tutorial approach where you tend to get sucked into following the steps, the book focuses on what and why. This does mean that a bit more thought is needed to follow the examples through – but that is no bad thing in my opinion.


See posts below for a far more detailed write up on this excellent book.