I came across a series of YouTube videos that give the history of different instruments used in a rock band (well perhaps except for the accordion), we are assuming that the series is yet to do the treatment for the synth.  Each video is between 5 and 10 minutes long. Each video is opened with the cheesiest music ever. But then things get better, a lot better.  Each video has the band with the instrument featured up front, with someone who has to stand like a complete plank whilst MTV like facts are layed onto the board hung over their shoulders.

The band then play the instruments, changing as necessary playing snippets of great music to illustrate evolution of the way the instrument is used, and it great fun to try name the snippets used. But if you’re not sure the pieces are credited if you look carefully near the bottom left of the screen.

Part 1 – Guitar:

Part 2 – Drums:

Part 3 – Accordian:

Part 4 – Bass:

Part 5