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So after 20 years Tori Amos has in many respects come full circle returning to the musical style of Little Earthquakes with her latest album Unrepentant Geraldines. It isn’t a complete return, as in life a forty something can at best mimic themselves as a twenty something. After 20 years you’re going to be a bit more worldly wise or world weary. Parenthood changes your perspective in a manner that can’t be undone.

So does this relate to Unrepentant Geraldines? Well it reflects the piano lead style of Little Earthquakes with subtle other instrumentation to help and texture. But the similarities end there (although on initial listens it is those likenesses that really hit). The point I was making really applies the lyrical differences. The very direct, perhaps even brutal lyrics of Me And A Gun:

These things go through you head
When there’s a man on your back
And you’re pushed flat on your stomach

or Silent All These Years

So you found a girl
Who thinks really deep thougts
What’s so amazing about really deep thoughts
Boy you best pray that I bleed real soon

And more more subtle in delivery and less direct as they are wrapped in the story telling of Tori’s characters – perhaps a reflection of confidence and a matured skill as a songwriter. Not to mention possibly a more nuanced world view.

So after some adventures into more classical arrangements (Gold Dust) we have an album with the end result that is musically brilliant and will be much loved by Tori’s original fan base. With lyrics that will not doubt reaffirm her relationship with those fans as well. A recommended album.