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So aside from a horrible couple of weeks with everyone being ill and manic work loads.  Its been busy time with the books.

The final chapter review for a new Packt book on Apache Camel (Mastering Apache Camel) went back. So I’d expect the book to coming out soon.  I’d suggest this is a companion text to the exceedingly good Apache Camel Developer’s Cookbook (which I’ve blogged about previously here). The new book approaches Apache Camel more from a pure development platform mentality rather than from the integrator approach. If you’re familiar with Camel basics or want to focus on realising good pattern based integration then start with the Cookbook.  If you’re new to Camel and/or being asked to write custom Components or End Points then start with Mastering Apache Camel but go on to the  Cookbook as it should show best practise Camel integration will be applied. The Mastering Apache Camel doesn’t address advanced things such as SEDA which the Cookbook definitely does.  The Mastering book does an excellent job of covering things like Unit testing (in part because the Camel capability has developed).



As one book wraps up, another starts, with a 2nd Edition of Java EE Development with Eclipse which I expect will bring the book upto date with the latest capabilities of Eclipse and take in the JEE updates upto JEE v7; we’ll see where this takes us.