Designers must understand user needs to create any product. But what type of data should you look at?While we’ve all heard about big data, talk of “thick” data remains scant. Generally speaking, big data is quantitative; it gives you the what, where, and when, while thick data provides the qualitative perspective—the how and the why.

Pamela Pavliscak, founder of design research firm Change Sciences, says you need all the data—both big and thick—to fully understand how users interact with websites, apps, and other products. In her new report, Data-Informed Product Design, she outlines a way to use data of all kinds to understand the relationship between people and technology.

Up until now, there hasn’t been much information on how to combine quantitative big data with qualitative thick data. That’s where this report can help. If you’re involved in any aspect of product design, this is indispensable reading. It’s useful, and we’re pleased to offer it to you, for free!

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