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Last night was the 2nd London Oracle Developer meetup with 100 people registered and  CTO Luis Weir presented on 3rd generation APIs which included their relationship to microservices. The outcomes was not only a excellently delivered presentation with an enaged audience, but led to some really thought provoking discussions, particuarly on the application of microservices in financial  contexts.  For example is it possible for for financial institutions to get near the post child Netflix in terms of building and delivering solutions to production given the certification and compliance requirements? Some interesting insights on PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2)  as well.  Are questions like is a monolith wrong?

Screenshot 2018-03-06 14.27.26In addition to the high level architectural debate the evening included a shortened walk through on the possibilities of deploying the API Gateway and its relative ease compared to other products.

Finally we concluded with an update on the project that we’re running as an underlying theme for some of the meetups – that of using variuous tech to command the drone(s) via a set pf published APIs.  This included a call to arms to contribute eith to building your own apps to use the API or contribute to the back end as the solution gets built using an API  1st approach.

The slides from the event.