I thought the days of the BBC banning particular songs was long gone, and that the worst they did was consign the song to a minor playlist or worse.  But this wouldn’t seem to be the case, as according the AlbumVote.co.uk the BBC have banned the latest single by The Sparks – Dick Around (a reference to time wasting) (article here).  Understandably with BBC 6 Music and some of Radio 1’s alternative programming being one of the few potential outlets to get the single heard the Mael brothers are pretty pissed off.


The irony is, that they performed the song live on BBC 1 TV only last Friday as the closing performance on the Jonathon Ross show!  Plus having just searched the BeeB’s website already been plaid a number of times on BBC 6 Music. A little late now to band the song?  Doesn’t this smack of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax?