I’ve been using Flickr for nearly a year now, and still continue to be impressed by it.  We’ve principally been using it to share our photos with friends and family who spread around around the world.


Pollock No. 1 from MOMAHowever one interesting trend I’ve encountered, are Flickr pools/groups, to date I’ve used them with friends to share photos from get togethers.  But it appears people have been using them for far wider associations.  For example, when I posted photos from our New York trip earlier in the year I was approached, and asked if I’d contribute to a pool that is collecting photos of all the work in MOMA – an interesting idea, with all-sorts of potentially interesting implications if it becomes a wide spread occurrence.


Scissor Sisters - Red SquareThen as a result of posting photos from the Scissor sisters gig in Trafalgar Square, we’ve been asked if we’d contribute to the Scissor Sister’s pool of that event which can be found at http://www.flickr.com/groups/motoredsquare/pool/.


I mentioned, that such pools if they become a wider spread idea, could have some interesting implications.  Consider, if you could go online and see images from every exhibit in MOMA , would you still go?  Personally yes I would, but is my view representative?  But I would take advantage of such pools to help identify which exhibitions within MOMA I would like to see.  The MOMA pool can be found here.


As cameras become increasingly smaller, cleverer and greater resolutions, what will happen to photo journalism, as pools like the Scissor Sisters ones may end providing publishers with suitable sources of images from events around the world?