The Delays are back with a new EP as previously mentioned. I now have my copy of the limited CD run.  I have to say – we’re pleased with what we are hearing.  Love Made Visible continues with the Delays signature high vocal harmonies with an upbeat rhythm, bright splashy guitars and synth fills.

The EP comprises for five tracks of which for are new songs and the fifth is a radical remix of the title song, so radical you might as well consider  it as a new song in its own right.

The title track pounds a long at a fair rate carrying you with it.  If this had been released earlier in the year and we’d had a good summer then I think it would have been successful reminding us of those brighter days and correspondingly a hit.  Sadly the weather was poor here, and the EP has only just been released in November. 

Panic Attacks and Slow Burn, slows down the tempo, and have a more Autumnal feel to them dealing with less cheery subjects than love.  You See Colours, the title of the last album, moves back to a brighter feel with a stronger synth presence. This leads us into the Together We Make A City (Love Made Visible) which takes the vocal from the title song and lays it onto a chilled out synth base with real stabbing blasts of keyboard and what could almost be a sample of Moby’s Go in the background – brilliant stuff.

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