Wired have an interesting article on the arrival of a new application of the SD card (Eye-Fi: How One Little Chip Will Change the Way You Share Pictures). The combining of WiFi with an SD interface and form is a neat solution.  In terms of cameras, this is brilliant for those point and shoot moments (as you’re more likely to be in a location with WiFi readily available, not to mention not overly concerned about finessing your picture in photoshop).  Going from camera lens to your Flickr account in seconds.   For the pro photographer, the device still has huge potential if developed – imagine this partnered with an iPod like 80GB hard disk device – the need to buying ever larger media cards are gone as the photos can be transferred to a heavier large storage device in your camera bag.

But the application could easily extended to breath life into older PDAs without WiFi by presenting the receiving end of the wireless connection as a the content of a mass storage device.


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